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Providing a healthy work environment for your team is crucial to the success of your business. Research from Champion Health found that mental health impacts productivity for one in five employees, while nearly 60% of employees reported current musculoskeletal pain.

As a business leader, it can be tough to toe the line between creating a supportive culture for your employees, with protecting the bottom line. Many growing businesses can only dedicate small budgets to employee wellbeing, and this can make it hard to compete with established businesses in attracting top talent.

Health and wellbeing apps can be a cost-effective tool to help tackle employee wellness. They are simple and accessible, and are great for people who don’t have the time or budget to explore traditional solutions.

These apps can be used as you work and can help to provide support to your team, which will improve your workplace culture and make your employees feel more motivated and valued.

We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite health and wellbeing apps for employees that can help your team feel their best.


As one of the world’s most popular mindfulness apps, the benefits of Headspace have been felt across the globe. You’ll be guided through short and simple meditations by a former Buddhist monk, Andy Puddicombe, and you can receive reminders to practice.

Their app for work, Headspace for Work is specifically designed for employee wellbeing and provides your team with full access to everything the app offers and experiences specifically curated for your team.

Hydro Coach

In such a busy and fast-paced workplace, many of us can forget one of the most important things for our bodies; hydration. A survey carried out by the Natural Hydration Council found that “one in five GP consultations were down to tiredness and fatigue and one in ten of those were thought to be linked to dehydration.”

Hydro Coach reminds you when you need to drink water. It will monitor and record how much water you’re drinking and will give you a gentle nudge when it’s time for more.

10% Happier

Founder Dan Harris was a lifelong non-believer in mindfulness until he experienced a panic attack on national television, and knew that he had to make a change.

The 10% Happier app follows on from the book Dan published of the same name and is self-described as a meditation app that teaches fidgety sceptics how to meditate. This is a great one for those new to meditation and mindfulness and provides guided sessions from some of the world’s leading experts in the field.


Sleepio is a sleep improvement app that brings together sleep science and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques to help you snooze all through the night. Recommended by healthcare professionals worldwide, Sleepio caters to what your team’s needs are.

Based on the information provided, the app sets personal goals for its users and includes weekly lessons from its virtual sleep expert. Its users have seen a 58% boost in daytime energy and concentration, which tells us just how crucial rest is to the performance of your team.

Couch to 5K

The free NHS Couch to 5K app is designed for absolute running novices and is a great way to get active. Based on three runs per week which increase weekly, will get you running 5K in just nine weeks. It’s perfect for people who don’t know where to start, and expert coaches guide and motivate the runners as they go.

If you’re looking for a way for your team to bond, this could be turned into an accessible running club to get your employees up and moving.


With over 100 million downloads to date, Calm is the number one app for meditation, sleep, relaxation and self-improvement. Its simple interface features plenty of tools to help you with anxiety and focus, including breathing techniques and guided calming exercises.

It also features sleep stories, narrated by some top names including Harry Styles and Matthew McConaughey to help you fall asleep in style. You can also keep track of your progress with statistics and a mood tracker.

Google Fit

Developed with the World Health Organisation, Google Fit not only helps you get active but also works to help you work out how much and what sort of activity your body needs. You set your own fitness goals, which the app then provides tailored coaching for. There’s a handy journal feature that helps you to track and monitor your progress.

As with most Google products, the app integrates with other apps on your phone meaning you can easily create a holistic overview of your health, no matter what other health and wellbeing apps you use.

At Plus X, we believe wellbeing powers performance. Making you and your team’s physical and mental health of yourself a priority is key to building a successful business. Find out more about why we champion wellbeing in our innovation hubs, and come in for a visit!

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