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For the next 12 months, we’re proud to announce that Plus X Brighton will become home of Dad La Soul’s new Brighton playdate. Every month, the Dad La Soul team will descend on the Launch Space to take over the event space with help from 100 dads and children.

Founded by Dan Flanagan in 2017, Dad La Soul is a grassroots non-profit organisation created to combat social isolation and loneliness in dads across Sussex. 73% of dads in the UK admit to feeling lonely or socially isolated, and yet there is little in the way of dedicated organised support for male carers.

Dad La Soul creates connections between local dads and their families through arts, tech, music, and play. They create kick-ass Saturday morning playdates for dads, stepdads, grandads and male-identifying carers who want to hang out with their kids, play, learn, teach and make new friends. Dad La Soul events bring people together, challenge conventions, spark conversations and start friendships with dads that perhaps might otherwise struggle in silence.

Dan Flanagan said:

“Dad La Soul is a lot of fun but there is a serious message behind it. We bring dads and kids together with amazing activities, to break down barriers and start conversations which dads may not otherwise have.”

Starting in November 2022, Dad La Soul will be throwing monthly playdates in our dedicated event space in the innovation hub on Brighton’s Lewes Road. The first playdate sold out, with more than 100 dads and families coming along. As well as soft play, crafting, Lego, giant Jenga, and VR headsets to play with, the families were treated to a rap and funky beat workshop from the fantastic Audio Active.

There is a range of tickets available to ensure all families are welcomed. Tickets cost just £6 for a family of 4, with free entry available for families with low or no wage. We have a limited number of free tickets to give away to Plus X members – choose a ‘Plus X/SBT/CBG Guest’ ticket, with an optional donation at checkout.

Dad La Soul Brighton has created some fantastic collaborations with people, places and businesses to bring their events to life. Collaborators include The Bevy, Brighton’s number one community run pub/hub, County Business Clubs, Brighton & Hove Council, and Plus X innovation hubs. We’re really proud to be able to share our space at no cost to the charity, meaning that every penny they raise can go back to supporting dads in Dad La Soul’s network.

Mat Hunter, Co-CEO of Plus X innovation hubs, said:

“We are delighted to be partnering with Dad La Soul. Not only are they focused on the health and wellbeing of dads and children, but who knows, perhaps spending Saturday mornings in our innovation hubs will ignite an interest in starting a new business!”

Get your tickets on Eventbrite to join us for a future playdate.

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