Guest blog - Dan and Charlotte (Art + Believe)


Plus X Brighton

An integral part of Plus X innovation hubs is creating spaces that evoke human delight. We are working with Brighton based artists, Art + Believe, to bring their inspirational use of colour and design to our Brighton work space. In this guest blog, they tell us all about their journey as artists, past projects and the inspiration behind their creations. 



We’re Art + Believe ‘Dan and Charlotte’. We started making artwork together about 10 years ago through our love of travel. When we started we didn’t really have a plan, just travelling through South America knocking on people’s doors asking if we could paint something on their homes or out on the streets. Fast forward 10 years and we have created artwork all over the world from Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Nepal, India, Thailand, Indonesia, the Middle East and beyond. We have painted everything from palaces, tower blocks, roof tops, stairwells, basketball courts, bus stops, trains to full size bendy buses!

Alexandra palace artwork

We are always looking to push the boundaries of where art is possible and to bring as much colour and energy to a space. We have seen first hand the impact of what colour and design can bring, not only aesthetically but also as a major contributor to both mental and physical well-being, positivity and in turn,  promote happiness.

Colour is deeply rooted in our artwork taking inspiration from the different cultures we have visited. We have a great love for tribal patterns in particular the textiles and embroideries from Latin America. We love the idea of taking inspiration from intricately woven textiles and super sizing them into crazy large scale artworks to create mega sized murals.

We always try to create artwork that is challenging and inspiring by working in unusual spaces and bringing fresh colour palettes. We love to play with colour but it has taken years of experimentation to evolve different colour combinations that work together to create a balancing, energetic yet vibrant and contemporary A+B edge.

This was where the inspiration for the Plus X Brighton staircase came in. We are always looking to push the boundaries of where art is possible and to bring as much colour and energy to a space. From this, we have created a palette of colour that motivates and inspires people as they move up or down the steps.

Brighton work space

We understand how emotive colour can be and this is why it is so important to us. A single colour can create such a different energy to a space and evoke all sorts of feelings and emotions. We painted a bus stop a few years outside the Royal Pavillion in Brighton as a pop up piece of art. Little did we know what an impact it would have on people. A place where people go to wait, stand, sit, suddenly became a talking point ‘Have you seen these colours, this artwork’. It became a place to meet, talk, interact, laugh, make new friends. That’s the power of art and the use of colour and how it can bring people together, sometimes unknowingly until it’s happened.

We we will leave you with one of our favourite quotes by a true pioneer behind the modern colour theory Owen Jones and the inspiration behind our Riba Award winning Alexandra Palace floor art installation – ‘Form without colour is like a body without a soul’.


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