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Our April coworking week has now finished. If you’re interested in finding out when our next one is, fill out the form to stay up to date!

What to Expect from the Free Coworking Week!

  • Enjoy 9 AM – 5 PM, Monday-Friday access to our seven-storey, state-of-the-art innovation hub.
  • If you’re part of a bigger team, take on a private studio office for the week with your own front door, as well as access to our range of coworking, breakout and communal spaces to work from.
  • If you’re a coworker you can choose from our variety of bespoke coworking desks, communal and breakout spaces to enjoy a range of spaces to focus.
  • Exclusive access to our member-only events programme including…

🧘 Yoga + Meditation – reconnect with yourself and enjoy guided meditation with our resident Yogi Charlie.

💡 Xperts Panel Event – joined by industry Xperts to explore all things fundraising and investment.

🎤 Soapbox – enjoy breakfast on us and hear the weird and wonderful passions and stories of our members.

🌅 Sunset Rooftop Drinks – wind down for the weekend with good vibes and free drinks!

  • The opportunity to take a guided tour around our specialist facilities including…

Media tours – take a look around our podcasting and photography suites with our Community team🎙

Prototyping Workshop tours – meet our workshop team and take a look around our state-of-the-art workshop including our 3D printers, micro-electronics and woodworking 🛠

  • Keep yourself hydrated with complimentary Direct Trade coffee, our signature Bird & Blend ProductiviTEA and not forgetting our fabulous fizzy water taps!
  • Enjoy a nourishing, healthy lunch on us from our Café Domenica.
  • Stay connected with our premium, super-fast WiFi.

What Makes Plus X So Special?

Plus X Brighton is a seven-storey innovation hub for all types of businesses – from freelancers to corporates. The innovation hub encompasses business growth innovation programmes, workshop facilities for sustainable product makers, podcast studios, media suites, meeting rooms and event spaces.

With growth at the very core of the Plus X business ecosystem, whether you are a large established business or a growing startup, we’re built for people who are interested in making change, developing different perspectives, learning, growing, and finding answers to the biggest challenges of our time.

“I’ve only seen very large tech companies like Google and Facebook with facilities as wonderful as those of Plus X. That they are available to a community of interesting individuals, start-ups, and growing businesses like ourselves feels like a dream come true.” Anthony Mayfield, CEO Brilliant Noise, Studio Member at Plus X.

Visit our space virtually below or book a tour with our community team to suit your diary.

Terms and conditions (Please read before entering):

  • This offer is only available to those who have not attended our previous free coworking weeks.
  • After registering you will receive a call from our community team to confirm your arrival date, time and needs.
  • You are required to undergo a 45-minute welcome induction upon arrival to induct you into the space.
  • We appreciate your schedule is busy and subject to change, however please try to arrive on time for your welcome induction so we can ensure a smooth introduction into our community.
  • Plus X can suspend or terminate the registrations or users’ eligibility at any time, for any reason.
  • Plus X reserves the right to remove any tenant or referred customer from this competition if we notice any activity that is against our policies that could include abusive, fraudulent behaviour or any violation of our terms of service.
  • Plus X reserves the right to review and investigate all registration activity.
  • Registrations for the coworking week should only be used for non-commercial purposes. The entry form should not be published or distributed on commercial sites (such as coupon websites).
  • This offer is not available for Plus X members of staff, or existing members at CRL or PXB.

Our community looks forward to seeing you in April. Any questions? Get in touch.




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