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Dry January may be (almost) over – but Plus X Brighton based start-up, Peak, is disrupting drinking culture for good.

Founded by Plus X Brighton members Louie Syred and Ben Whales, Peak offers a little can of culture shock with a complex flavour profile packed with adaptogens and nootropics. Meaning you can ditch the alcohol and still get a satisfying buzz – hangover free.

Alcohol free drink with adaptogens

Alongside having babies, puppies and jobs, Louie and Ben have been using whatever spare time they can find over the past 14 months working towards the launch of Peak. They’re here most days from 6 am, brainstorming in Boardroom X and making connections all over the world as excitement around their social drink begins to bubble.

In January 2021, they finally had lift-off and were met by a wave of enthusiasm from their already growing fanbase #PeakFreaks.

The truth is, the ambitious and wellness-centric millennial and Gen Z generations are done with drinking all weekend and spending the best part of a week hungover. For them, it’s all about tapping into their creative and productive energy, it’s about getting the most out of life. That’s what the Peak mission is all about – tuning in, not out.

Peak: Alcohol alternative with adaptogens

Beneath complex and satisfyingly explosive flavour profiles, Pink Grapefruit Mint and Raspberry Lime, a blend of botanicals, adaptogens and nootropics work like magic to relax the body and boost the mind.

Let’s start with Guayusa. This little leaf has been used by tribes in the Amazon for over 1,500 years to ignite the spirit of the Jaguar before a hunt. Cool, right? It’s an all-natural mood enhancer that mixes caffeine, l-theanine and theobromine to increase energy, mood and alertness. The medicinal herb of Ashwagandha balances this by providing stress relief and promoting a clearer and happier sense of being.

Then you’ve got the health benefits: Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant with strong anti-inflammatory effects and is blended with its enabler, Black Pepper, which supports absorption into the bloodstream. A stack of B Vitamins creates a healthy mind and body by preventing infections and supporting cell health and red blood cell growth. Then, to round it all off with a subtle kick, you’ve got Jalapeno.

Peak’s been going down an absolute treat with our members here at Plus X Brighton…

“The flavours blew me away. As a cocktail and craft beer drinker, I never thought that non-alcoholic drinks could be so complex. It elevated my mood but helped to ease my end of the day anxieties, too. I love it” – Emma.


Peak: Alcohol alternative with adaptogens

“I swapped out my usual Friday night beers for a few cans of Peak, and the difference it made to my weekend was phenomenal. I was up early on Saturday and even got round to some creative projects that I’d been putting off due to not being in the “right” mindset” – Dave.

It’s safe to say that these cans pack a punch, both in flavour and effect.

“With Peak, we want to lead the cultural shift towards a more conscious social experience and connected life by questioning why drinking has to be synonymous with intoxication.” – Louie Syred, Co-Founder

Peak’s ambitions move beyond revolutionising social drinks, too. Part of their mission is focused on becoming a cultural powerhouse; Sharing the stories, missions and dreams of interesting people thriving to make change and doing what they love. Peak believe that a collective of ambitious achievers are rising as they are not held back by the restraining patterns and habits ubiquitous in our society. It’s fascinating to think about what the future holds and what this could mean for the flourishing of creative and innovative industries.

Head to the Peak website and enter the code PLUSXPEAK to get a Plus X exclusive 10% off your first pack of Peak. We’re certain you’re gonna love it.

You can also follow Peak over on their Instagram –  

Alcohol alternative with adaptogens and nootropics

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