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This week marks two years since Plus X Brighton first opened its doors to the public, and we have plenty to celebrate!

Opening at the height of the pandemic wasn’t without its challenges. As the country was closing, we were opening for the very first time. With all the work that comes with launching a location came the added pressure of creating a safe place to work for those that weren’t able to work from home.

But, we did it! Two years on, we’ve welcomed more than 900 members, 350 businesses, and 30 team members. We’re proud to have supported more than 95 businesses through the brilliant BRITE project. This week, we were also incredibly honoured to recently be named the Best Newcomer at the Property Awards – what a week!

The Summer Party 2022

On Wednesday 8th June, we set out to celebrate our birthday in style. The Community team meticulously planned a brilliant summer party, led by Izzy Hoffmann, Community Lead for Member Experience, and Kerry Lockwood, Location Manager for Brighton.

After the weather put a dampener on our plans to hold this on our AIRSPACE roof garden, the party got off to a roaring start in our 200-capacity Launch Space. Entertainment was provided by local DJs Ryan Gillett and Kate Shields, while Gamely supplied the fun and games, and H2 Productions’ Martin Leppard on AV.

Take a look at the photos below to see how the night played out. Members, please feel very welcome to save and use any of these on your own social channels! A huge thanks to Zach Hyland for capturing the night.

Thanks to everyone that came along, we had a blast. And, a sincere thank you to everyone that has been involved in our journey so far. We couldn’t do this without the support of our incredible community and we’re so thankful for your part in making Plus X Brighton such an inspiring place to work. There’s a lot planned for Plus X innovation hubs… watch this space!

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