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Podcasts have had quite the journey since first appearing on the scene in 2004. Fast forward nearly 20 years and the Podcast Index records a mindblowing 4.2m podcasts in existence, with one in four Brits regularly tuning in. Yes, it can be a competitive market, but podcasts are fast becoming an impressive business tool, providing another opportunity for you to build your audience, establish your brand and can even produce some extra revenue if you get it right. 

So, why start a podcast? Authenticity is king in branding right now; customers are more mindful of where they’re spending their money, and they want to be sure they’re investing in conscious, ethical brands that align with their values. Podcasts provide your audience with a way to connect with your business on what feels like a more personal level. They can be a way for you to communicate your expertise, and show the people behind the company. 

It’s this kind of organic marketing that can see your conversion rates increase, boost your traffic and reach new audiences. A good podcast can spread like wildfire. It’s a convenient medium for your audience to consume, they don’t have to worry about missing an episode, and they can listen in the car, while walking to work or in the comfort of their home. And, they’re willing to spend money, with podcast advertising expenditure currently standing at £46m according to Statista

Essentially, the question is not why but how. In such a saturated market, what do you need for a podcast to stand out? 

We’ve put together some tips to help you get started.

Who are Your Listeners?

Getting in front of your audience requires a lot of different channels, so make sure you think about whether your target demographic are podcast listeners, and, if they are, how are they going to listen? 

Think about what the optimum time is for you to release your podcast. Will your audience prefer to tune in weekly or monthly? Will they listen at home or on their way to work? 

Take a look at some competitors to see what their approach is, and build from there.

What Do You Want to Talk About?

Although you could probably just talk about your business for hours, you’ve got to think about what it is about your business that is engaging to your audience. Consider what it is you want to get out of your podcast, whether it’s conversion or expanding reach, writing out your goals will help inform your content. 

Podcasts come in many forms, so think about the shape you would like yours to take. Do you want to interview guests? Tackle a subject specific to your industry? Or, you could even answer audience questions. Whatever it ends up being, just ensure it’s engaging and accessible for both your current audience and new listeners.

How Will You Get it In Front of People?

There are now endless ways for your audience to access your podcast. But standing out can be a different story. Research the demographics and listenership for the different channels. Not everyone has access to Apple Podcasts, for example, so look into signing up for Spotify too. 

And, like with everything, your branding needs to be on point. Give your podcast a concise and punchy name, design a logo and start generating buzz on social media. Another way to promote your podcast is by networking with other podcasters. Chat to other business podcasts and offer some cross-promotion, either by featuring one another as a guest or giving each other a shout out on your platforms. 

Keep Building

Every budding podcaster dreams of overnight success, but unless you’re very lucky, it takes a lot of hard work and determination to grow your podcast. Keep thinking of ways to improve. Make the most of how closely you can connect with your audience and ask for reviews and feedback. Take in what they want to hear from you and think about how you can incorporate that into your plan as you grow and develop.

Put Quality First

Investing in the quality of your podcast is crucial. Although it may seem relatively easy to record at home, audiences will be put off by low-quality audio. Save yourself time and money, rather than buying and learning the equipment yourself you could hire out a studio.

In Plus X Brighton, we have a purpose-built podcast suite kitted out with the highest quality tech to make recording your podcast a smooth experience. Members of our team have been trained in the equipment and can be on hand to help you with whatever needs you might have. 

And it doesn’t stop at just recording, we have post-production software like Logic Pro X and Adobe Creative Cloud that you can use, so you can edit your podcast perfectly. 

Brilliant local podcasts including the Connected Brighton podcast, the Brighton Paradox, Inspohub’s Surpass Your Potential, and County Business Talks are recorded in our podcast suite. 

Find out more about our Brighton podcast suite, and get in touch to book the studio for yourself. 

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