As a business Plus X has identified accelerators that independently and collectively help improve the trajectory of women and marginalised groups.

At Plus X, we have made a commitment to...

Plus X will construct a supportive environment in our innovation hubs, working to eliminate bias and boost the movement for gender equality.

Plus X pledges to host a range of events that showcase the successes of women and marginalised genders. We will champion a diverse set of individuals that are shaping change in their industries in the face of adversity - all year around.

Plus X will empower the Plus X team to make inclusivity a priority, to ensure every employee is able to affect change and push for gender parity.

Plus X pledges to empower all staff members to lead the way on gender equality, starting with diversity and inclusion training to ensure staff are equipped and committed to improving our environments for women and marginalised genders.

Plus X will support women and marginalised genders from different backgrounds outside of our hubs and in local communities to provide people across the UK with skills and opportunities to grow.

Plus X pledges to provide young women and individuals from marginalised genders with mentors in 2022, ranging from directors in the leadership team, to managers and coordinators.

Plus X pledges to provide young people with opportunities this 2022, ranging from inspiring events focused on overcoming barriers to grow, to access to the Plus X innovation hubs to help them reach their goals and make ideas a reality.

Plus X pledges to provide access to workshop facilities and education for people from marginalised communities to build and create new projects and prototypes.

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