Trailblazing for Change is a movement born at Plus X that aims to empower underrepresented groups in business to make space for every bold thinker to flourish. This International Women’s Day, we are kickstarting change with our #MoreThanADay campaign.

#MoreThanADay will lead the way for the women and marginalised gender groups in our team, spaces, communities and beyond.

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Trailblazing Events

Plus X hosts an array of events that showcase the successes and inspire underrepresented groups across the UK. We commit to championing a diverse set of individuals that are shaping change in their industries in the face of adversity - all year around.

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READ: More than a hundred girls from schools in Sussex gather at the “#BeYou” event held at Plus X Brighton

Podcast: What is the point of International Women's Day?

Trailblazing Insights

Plus X pledges to profile and showcase the stories of marginalised genders and other underrepresented groups, creating a platform to inspire.

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Meet some of the Plus X Trailblazers who have worked with us to empower, educate and inspire audiences across the UK.

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