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Whether you’re in the Plus X space or working from home right now it is important for you to create the best space you can for productivity and self care. Speaking with Plus X members and our team (who are all wellbeing aficionados), we have sourced the following top tips to keep your mind and body well, and generally inspired this January!

Sunshine coming through Plus X Brighton windows

1. Check your desk position

Oliver Heath, global experts in biophilic and wellbeing design, say even moving your desk can improve productivity and stress levels, “Natural light is fundamental for balancing circadian rhythms, this will help you be more alert in the daytime and sleep better at night.”

Plus X spaces are flooded with natural light from large windows, however if you’re at home try to move your desk near a window to soak up those occasional winter sun rays.

2. Create a sound environment:

At Plus X, we curate motivating and supporting playlists to ensure our members are subconsciously stimulated but not too distracted. We have launched our new Spotify profile, which means you can join our vibes from anywhere! Click here to follow us and subscribe to our Plus X Playlists.

Plus X member doing yoga in Plus X Brighton with a dog

3. Find opportunities for movement:

At Plus X our members really value moving the body throughout the day to keep the brain focussed and feel energised. Join us for yoga online on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (free to Plus X members, non-members can join for a small fee here), whether you’re in the space or at home.

Our team recommends a brief walking break in between meetings. Plus X has filled corridors and stairwells with inspiring artwork by Art+Believe and Lois O’Hara. Some of our members love to utilise our standing desks throughout the day and is a great tool for those who love to stretch!

Plants in the Plus X Brighton space

4. Boost with biophilia:

Plus X won’t be the first business to tell you that keeping things green, really helps. We don’t mean just in an eco-sense but also filling your environment with fresh plants.

Studies have proven that when surrounded by plants, people’s happiness, focus and productivity improves, so Plus X has a ‘Biophilia strategy’ incorporating plenty of greenery allowing people to commune with nature both inside and out. Make sure wherever you’re working on your to-do list – you have a few plant pals at your side!

5. The fake commute:

The mental association you make between work and Plus X/office will make you more productive. However, if you are unable to join us in the space, there’s a new craze amongst those working from home – the fake commute. Step outside, stretch your legs and see the world around you.

Our Plus X and BRITE members, have even been filming their fake commute, you can watch it here.

We wanted to let you know that Plus X remains open for those of you who cannot work effectively at home. Check out the memberships offers here and the steps we take to make this a safe environment here.

Lastly, remember that you are not alone, and now more than ever is a time to be connected together (virtually if nothing else), the Plus X team are available online @plusxspace and via Slack to all of our members, please feel free to get in touch.

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