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Product Foundry is a BRITE innovation programme for cutting-edge product makers in the Greater Brighton region. After an incredibly successful first cohort in summer, on 13th October the BRITE team at Plus X Brighton welcomed the second set of exciting businesses making a difference to the physical world.  

In six weekly sessions, the group are being introduced to prototyping, learning how to develop products that generate investor buy in. These businesses will take over Plus X Brighton prototyping workshop to use 3D printing, laser cutting, and testing methods to progress their products and meet their goals.  

Get to know the clever creators setting off on their journeys with Product Foundry below. And, if you’d like to join the Product Foundry for yourself, get in touch with the BRITE team’s Alex Valeri to find out more. 

Ian Byrne, Founder at 3Dify 

Ian Byrne (3Dify)

3D scanning specialists 3Dify specialises in creating models for the creative industries using photogrammetry. Their full body scans have been used in films and exhibitions, including sculptures of King George IV and famed hat maker Stephen Jones at the Royal Pavilion in Brighton.  

No stranger to the specialist equipment in the Plus X Brighton workshop, Founder Ian Byrne joins Product Foundry to explore a new idea for the business, gain insight from the programme’s product design experts, and take advantage of the structured development time. During the course of the programme, Ian will explore ideas for a digital productivity timer for people using the Pomodoro technique. 

Matthew Withers, Founder at CD02 

Matthew Withers, CD02)

Innovators in magnetic imaging of batteries, CDO2 has developed a new technique for monitoring the current flow in batteries for the automotive and aerospace sectors. Their real-time current imaging system helps tackle safety and reliability concerns around EV batteries. 

CDO2’s CTO Matthew Withers became a member of Product Foundry to focus on scaling technology and develop the product for larger scale manufacturing as electric vehicles become increasingly popular. 

Laura Bossom, Founder at Cultiva Kingdom 

Laura Bossom (Cultiva Kingdom) 1

Laura Bossom is the founder of Cultiva Kingdom, a sustainable textiles brand that puts mother earth at its heart. She joins Product Foundry to experiment with an innovative and ethnical plant-based alternative to the hair industry.  

With an academic background in design and four years’ experience as an entrepreneur, Laura is an all-round expert in running a sustainable business. She joins the cohort to meet other creative entrepreneurs, and revisit manufacturing processes and testing methods with the support of a professional team. 

Paul Dungworth, Founder at FunkyHaler 

Paul Dungworth (FunkyHaler) 2

FunkyHaler is a new creation aiming to reduce the stigma associated with using an inhaler. Through vibrant and distinctive designs, FunkyHaler will change users’ relationships with their inhaler from medical device to something that reflects the personality of the user: FunkyHaler… the coolest way to ease the wheeze. 

This decorative actuator is the creation of Paul Dungworth, who has been testing different materials. He joins Product Foundry to identify texture and colour options for the product, as well as to get access and training to specialist equipment and support. 

Kris Pointer, Founder at MakeHub 

Kris Pointer (MakeHub)

MakeHub is a business concept set up to counter the decline of design and engineering education in UK state schools. In September, it began running a beta project with primary schools in Sussex and Adur. 

The brainchild of Kris Pointer, MakeHub joins Product Foundry to use the workshop’s machinery and software to develop projects that will provide more opportunities for students. 

Reianna Shakil, Founder at Studio ZRX  

Reianna Shakil (Studio ZRX)

Sustainable design practice Studio ZRX exists to balance experimental playfulness with timeless functionality. Reianna Shakil is undertaking the programme to focus attention on her innovative idea for a ubiquitous domestic appliance – a complete redesign of the existing product on the market that has largely remained unchanged for decades.  

She joins Product Foundry as a recent graduate and current Makerversity resident and is looking to further her knowledge and confidence in product development as a precursor to working on her innovation, as a recipient of Innovate UK’s Young Innovator’s Award 2022-2023. 

Ed Chason, Designer at Spark & Bell 

Ed Chason (Spark & Bell)

Spark & Bell design and create handmade lights from their workshop in Portslade. With a focus on materials including brass, recycled plastic, and glass, Spark & Bell make beautiful creations to brighten up your home.  

Lighting & Sustainability Designer Ed Chason joins Product Foundry to focus on optimising processes and product efficiency. Regulars to Plus X Brighton may recognise Ed from his stint on the front desk – make sure to say hi while he’s back in the building! 

Bryn Jones, Founder at Cable and Cotton 

Bryn Jones (Cable and Cotton) 2

Bryn Jones, Founder at Cable and Cotton, joins Product Foundry to build new products, meet likeminded people, and share skills and ideas.  

As creators of colourful LED fairy lights, we’re excited for Cable and Cotton to bring their bright ideas to the BRITE Project! 

Heidi Swinyard, Founder at Teddy Brighton 

Heidi Swinyard (Teddy Brighton)

Over the last 6 years, Brighton-brand Teddy Brighton has illustrated over 8,000 petpawtraits‘ to bootstrap the development of their bespoke ceramic gifting and sister brand souvenir range.

After perfecting the ceramic components within her Hove studio, Founder Heidi Swinyard now joins Product Foundry to prototype the silicon, resin, rubber, and steel components ready for manufacture in 2023.   

Jennifer Gould, Founder at Glazy 

Glazy is a brand-new venture for Founder Jennifer Gould. She joins Product Foundry with a working prototype for an innovative and sustainable DIY double glazing that fits any window.  

As an experienced leader and creator with her existing business Divine Company, Jennifer brings strong design problem-solving skills into the programme.  

Interested in joining Product Foundry? 

BRITE Product Foundry group of businesses

Design products that have a positive impact on the planet, eliminate waste and create value throughout their lifespan.

Learn how to:

  • Build a design-based business that is capable of making net-positive products, where customers, suppliers and investors all benefit from a regenerative design approach.
  • Measure the impact of your supply chain, the materials and processes used in manufacturing, the useful life of your products – and what happens to them next.
  • Design out waste from your products; make them more repairable, adaptable and longer-lasting; and find new materials that make a positive contribution to the environment.

Product Foundry is part of BRITE (Brighton Research Innovation Technology Exchange). Led by Plus X, in partnership with the University of Brighton, BRITE aims to support leaders of companies that have ambitions to grow and scale their business, receiving up to £5.5m of funding from the England European Regional Development Fund. 

To find out more, visit 

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