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Collaboration at work is about so much more than water-cooler moments and team meetings. With hybrid and remote working becoming more commonplace, connecting with others has become a little less simple.

If you’re unsure why promoting a collaborative culture at your workplace is essential, let us explain. Collaboration unifies your team under a clear, shared vision. Whether this is with your immediate team, or looking beyond to a broader network, there is lots to be learned from working with others.

McKinsey found that well-connected teams see a productivity increase of 20-25%, while another study found that employees who are engaged are 87% less likely to leave an organisation. Stanford University found that those primed to act collaboratively stuck at their task 64% longer than those who tackled it alone.

By setting out this vision and encouraging your employees to work towards the common goal of collaboration, they will feel more valued and see their work actively impacting the business. This will then have a knock-on effect, positively impacting other areas like innovation, morale, and wellbeing.

Creating a Culture of Collaboration

A genuinely collaborative business will continually explore new ways to bring people together and will go deeper into its collaboration strategy, embedding it firmly within its culture.

Collaboration doesn’t just have to be between team members. Bringing in other people from outside of your organisation and forming external partnerships can boost innovation within your business, bring in fresh ideas, and improve the trust between team members. This can act as a catalyst – lighting the collaborative fire in your organisation.

Only through collaboration can we bring people together to develop better solutions to the challenges of our time. Only by curating different voices, ways of thinking, talents, and businesses can we make sure solutions benefit us all.

Choosing Collaboration Tools

Collaboration is not something that just happens, however. One of the simplest ways to encourage employee collaboration is by creating clear, accessible communication channels. Another study by McKinsey found that employees who feel more included in workplace communication are almost five times more likely to report increased productivity. From here, you can work to bring in employee benefits and socials and look into the plethora of collaboration tools available that can help to streamline your processes.

Collaboration tools like Miro, Notion,, Slack and Trello can be utilised in your business to help improve cross-team collaboration and transparency, enhancing information sharing and unified priorities whether your team is remote or in the office.

Why Collaboration is Important to Plus X

Innovation is born from collaboration. At Plus X, we help pioneering minds create business growth by enabling collaboration through open innovation. Our unique approach is all-inclusive. We offer everything you need to promote and accelerate innovation in your business. In the creation of our innovation hubs, we create communities with collaboration in mind. We help create long-lasting organisational growth and change by delivering expert-led, holistic programmes.

And collaboration doesn’t just stretch to the businesses within our hubs. We partner with local leaders and property partners to create an innovation ecosystem designed to encourage collaboration. This approach means we enable local talent, increase skills, and create more job opportunities. This attracts new enterprises, allows local businesses to become more successful, and ignites regional growth.

Find out more about how Plus X optimises opportunities for collaboration between businesses, partners, and local communities.

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