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Every month at Plus X Brighton, members can access complimentary, tailored support from our in-house Xperts. These monthly sessions are designed to offer you high quality support to grow and scale your business so you can spend the rest of your time focusing on what you do best.

How does it work?

We've hand selected these Xperts who are renowned in their industries for giving practical and easy to implement advice to growing businesses.

We have 1 to 1 private monthly sessions available where you can book your own appointment with an Xpert and get advice on your unique challenges.

Our Xperts give advice on a range of key business innovation topics such as intellectual property, people and culture, sales, branding, investment and much more.

There are also quarterly lunchtime sessions with peers where you’ll take a deep dive into specific business growth topics, hosted by Xperts yet surrounded by like-minded peers.

Find out more about upcoming sessions below.
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Ask the Expert - one to one sessions

Third thursday of the month

These sessions are perfect for you if you’ve got a unique challenge or opportunity. On the third Thursday of each month from 9am-1pm, you’ll be able to book a one to one (45 minute) appointment where the focus will be solely on your business. You’ll leave feeling empowered and ready for action.

Scroll through the sessions below to find out which Xperts you can meet.

Ask the xpert: Branding with bill wallsgrove, brand consultant, neujuIce design

Bill has been working with startups, SMEs and large companies to design and build brand strategies for over 30 years.

Bill can help you with:
+ Building a brand from scratch
+ Planning a brand refresh
+ Launching a new product

'I want to help the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators succeed and maximise their potential through smart brand delivery across channels.'


Second Voice enables founders and small business owners to maximise their revenue growth through mentoring, training, group programmes and consultancy.

Ben can help you:
+ Take your products or services to market
+ Win new customers, beyond your own networks or referrals.
+ Get a better understanding of key gaps in your strategy.
+Identify low hanging fruit.
+Get in front of the right customers using proven tactics.

Ask the Xpert: Investment with Kristina Pereckaite, founder, SOUTH EAST BUSINESS ANGELS

South East Angels is Brighton's most active angel investor network.

Kristina can support you with:
+Exploring the different types of investment/ funding options for your business
+ Understanding what investors look for
+ Guidance on documentation and preparation required to raise investment
+ How to get started with raising funding and approaching investors

And much more...

Ask the Xpert: Law with Tariq Sayfoo, associate solicitor at EMW LAW LLP

Tariq can support you with:
+ Trading agreements (contracts with customers and key suppliers, software licensing, non-disclosure agreements)
+ Online presence (website T&Cs, e-commerce and cookie policies)
+ Intellectual property (protecting and exploiting IP and other assets)
+ Data protection (data practices, privacy policies, compliance with current laws)

And much more...

Ask the Xpert: Digital Marketing with Alice Reeves, co-founder, THE JOYFUL

At the Joyful, there's no one-size fits all, instead they do human-to-human business, making every interaction count.

Alice can support you with:
+Gaining clarity over your brand position and the value you deliver to your customers
+Creating a digital marketing strategy that’s the fullest expression of your business
+Expanding your business with targeted, impact-led campaigns, content creation and promotion, upskilling and empowering your teams

And much more...

Ask the Xpert: IP Law with Andy White, partner, Mathys & squire llp

A trusted mentor to startups, physicist Andrew White keeps his clients in the loop, closely collaborating with them throughout the patenting process.

+ His scientific understanding means that he can quickly get to grips with technologies and craft strategic plans that suit your invention.
+ Book time in with Andy to find out how to develop and implement your IP strategy.

Ask the Xpert: Accounting with Ian Matthews, partner, MOORE KINGSTON SMITH

Moore Kingston Smith can provide practical hands-on advice on all things related to tax and accounting to ensure your business can grow where and how you need it to.

Ian can help you:
+ identify what 'good' looks.
+ make data led decisions.
+ focus your attention on key business drivers and maximise enterprise value.

Ask the Xpert: Fundraising Support with Eduardo Cannizzo, Equity Fundraising Associate, SEEDRS

Seedrs is designed to make the fundraising process a lot easier, helping pool every resource possible together, including introducing investors to ensure that you raise money quickly and efficiently.  

Eduardo can help you with:
+ advice on how to raise funds through crowdfunding.
+ capitalising on crowdfunding to get your brand name out there.
+build a community of loyal ambassadors and acquire new customers as you raise funds.

Ask the Xpert: International Trade with Estelle Dingley, DEPARTMENT FOR INTERNATIONAL TRADE

Estelle comes from the private sector and has first hand experience of market strategy, market research, growing the export trade by selecting and appointing agents and distributors, tradeshows etc.

Estelle can help you with all elements of exporting including:
+ Putting a strategy in place
+ Identifying local partners
+ Finding answers to tax or product compliance
+ Cultural Awareness
+ Highlighting opportunities

Ask the Xpert: Leadership Consultancy with Steve Charlton, founder, real leadership consultancy

Steve has led and coached people at every level of their career and now works with inspirational people who are looking to become tomorrow's leaders.

Steve can help you with:
+ Uncovering your leadership style
+ Recruiting and retaining passionate people + Scaling your business with the right people
+ Inspirational communication and interpersonal skills

And much more...

Ask the Xpert: Partnerships with Sarah Nichols, PARTNERSHIPS DIRECTOR, PLUS X

Prior to joining Plus X, Sarah worked as Partnerships Director at Techstars, working with large global clients on the startup accelerators and focussing on collaboration between the two parties.

Sarah can help you with:
+ Honest, practical advice on how a business can think about the power of partnerships.
+ Demystifying some of those areas by using a simple partnerships canvas to unlock value from your potential future partners!

What our members say...

"The ‘Xperts’ sessions I've attended have been invaluable for me as a business leader. It's often hard (when running a small business) to find the time or funds to access much-needed advice, but Plus X finds, vets, and gathers the experts we need, then offers it as a member perk! The various discussions I've had have a big part in setting me up for the next chapter in my business career."

Marc Convey, Co-founder, 23D and ThriveNow

Xpert Deep Dive

Upcoming Sessions

Led by a different Xpert each quarter and surrounded by your peers, these lunch and learn sessions will take a deep dive into key topics to support the growth of your business. Plus, you can bring your lunch along too if you like!

Technology for scale with david watson, managing director, evolve computers

8th September 2022, 12 - 1PM, Deep Dive Room

David Watson, Managing Director at Evolve Computers, will be diving into the technology needed to support and enhance business growth.

David will be unpicking some traditionally complex subjects including covering devices, apps, collaboration, cyber security, wireless, IT usage policies, efficient business processes and so on.

In this interactive, discussion-led session, David will help you clarify and formulate a high-level action plan to help you get your technology ready.

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