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From the ‘Great Resignation’ to the ‘Great Return’ to the ‘Epidemic of Overwhelm,’ there have been countless waves, predictions, and trends expected to dominate the new working landscape in a post-pandemic world. And while some of these have come and gone, the demand for a flexible, hybrid working model has remained one of the most significant after-effects.

With the demand for flexible workspace up by 22% across the UK, coworking space may continue to be the solution for satisfying the modern requirements of both employers and employees alike.

Many of us have had a taste of the pros and cons of remote working within the last few years. The newfound flexibility and work/life balance meant that the time of the traditional commute and confinement to a permanent office was no longer the default state for many businesses.

Though remote work brought freedom in many ways, some found it lonely and unmotivating to always work alone. Research has found that only one-fifth of workers want to work entirely remotely. Coworking provides people with a sense of community, opportunity for collaboration and networking, and those watercooler sparks that only come with communal space. In fact, research has found that 89% of people who work in a coworking space feel happier.

Brighton makerspace

At Plus X, we’re so much more than a coworking space. Our innovation hubs combine hot desking, resident desks, and office space with specialist facilities including prototyping workshops and media suites, with intensive business support designed to help businesses innovate and grow. As well, our extensive member events and community support ensure our members are part of a connected community – whether they’re solo workers or part of a larger team.

If you’re considering a move to a shared workspace, we’ve put together a list of some of the benefits of working in a coworking space or innovation hub.

Coworking is Cost-Efficient

An estimated £10 billion a year is wasted on underutilised office space by businesses in the UK alone, according to recent research conducted by Abintra. Not only is it one of the most significant overheads of most companies, but in the post-pandemic world, many businesses’ large offices are seeing fewer staff in day-to-day.

If you’re a freelancer or startup, a local coworking space is a great place to lay your laptop and saves you money on commuting to a traditional office, or the increased energy usage caused by working from home.

With many different memberships to choose from, coworking spaces can be cost-effective and flexible for both lone workers and teams. Coworking space memberships often include amenities such as the price of energy usage, business rates, tea and coffee, cleaning, and printing – saving businesses money and time in the long-run.

Coworking is Community

While working from home has provided the workforce with autonomy and balance, remote working can also cause loneliness.

Research from Chargifi found that 67% of Gen Z and Millennial employees have found it harder to maintain relationships with colleagues and make new friends since working from home. Coworking can provide a ready-made community to those who are feeling isolated.

From hosting social and networking events to facilitating conversation, most coworking hubs will focus on fostering community among their members. Social interaction can help with motivation, productivity, and innovation, and is crucial to maintaining healthy working lives.

Coworking is Collaboration

Coworking spaces are filled to the brim with entrepreneurs, SMEs, freelancers, and innovators. They can be the perfect place to make new connections and find the right, likeminded people to collaborate with.

More than a traditional coworking space, Plus X specialises in innovation and provides members with ample learning opportunities. Through our member events and business support programmes, we aim to connect businesses of all sizes to work towards a brighter future.

Two people collaborating at the CRL Accelerator bootcamp 2023

Many of our members have found new business partners in our spaces and collaborated on inspiring projects just by sitting opposite one another at our coworking desks or meeting at one of our events.

Coworking is Flexible

By choosing to become a member of a coworking space you get the key to genuinely flexible work.

Many spaces will provide different areas for you to work in. If you need a peaceful environment, there are designated quiet zones, or if you prefer a bit of hustle and bustle, you can take a seat in the buzzing coworking areas. At Plus X, we have a range of spaces designed to suit different working styles and needs. In just one day, many members may find themselves using private phone booths, meeting rooms, collaboration spaces, silent spaces, and even our rooftop workspace if the weather’s on our side!

Brighton women in business on the Plus X Brighton rooftop

Another benefit of coworking space is flexible work times. Our members can access the building at times that suit their working patterns. If you find you get most of your work done in the evening or are an early bird, you can take advantage of when you’re most productive. In addition, if you’re a business that requires office space, you won’t be tied into lengthy contracts, and you can easily change your contract and swap to larger areas, so you can grow as your business does.

Find out more about flexible membership at Plus X Brighton and Central Research Laboratory

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