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Wellness and wellbeing are hot topics right now. We are beginning to understand the importance of self-care and how it can help improve all aspects of our lives. So why is wellbeing in the workplace still a footnote? Or at best, supplemented by an understocked fruit bowl?

On average, we spend one third of our lives at work. And, if you’re launching a start-up or building a business, you’re likely to be clocking in even extra time. According to Forbes, 87% of employees want a healthier work space.

Leesman found that 59% of people feel that their workplace doesn’t support their productivity. This isn’t just unhealthy, it’s ineffective. Wellness and productivity go hand in hand. As said by Paul Krugman “Productivity isn’t everything. But in the long run it’s almost everything.”

 Plus X drives prosperity through creating fertile and inspiring work space and wellbeing is an integral part of this. That is why our first innovation hub, Plus X Brighton is on track to be accredited WELL Building Standards: Platinum. We won’t stop there either, we’re on a mission to make all of our Plus X innovation hubs, the healthiest work spaces in the UK.

 Olga Hopton, Managing Director of Plus X Brighton says: “Being WELL Platinum accredited means human health and wellness are fully integrated into everything we do. From the architecture to the interiors, the curated community collaboration to the vibrant calendar of events. Wellbeing is always a core focus.”


Let’s start at the top of Plus X Brighton. On the 7th floor, you will find Air Space our beautiful roof terrace.


Brighton roof terrace

AIRSPACE, the PlusX Brighton roofterrace. Captured by Jim Stephenson 2020


Designed for moments of mindfulness, social human connection or even just to escape for a solitary second. You can do this surrounded by lush and inspiring greenery, edible planting with views from the sea to the South Downs. Access to outdoor space and greenery are proven to aid both wellbeing and productivity.


We have commissioned local Brighton artists, Art and Believe to transform the stairwell into a work of art. Where a motivating playlist, lots of plants and words if inspiration will ascend the steps with you. Research has found that short bursts of exercise can really boost your productivity. So, you may just want to opt for the stairs after all.


Brighton workspace

“Colourwell” by Art+Believe at PlusX Brighton. Captured by Jim Stephenson 2020


Connection with nature is an inherent part of being a happy human.

You’ll find plant-life in every corner and on every surface at Plus X.  The more connected we are to the natural world, the happier we are. And with happiness comes motivation and creativity. If you find yourself hovering outside plant shops looking to add to an already abundant collection, you’re experiencing Biophilia (a need to be around plants).


Natural light supports your circadian cycle (the internal clock that supports sleeping/waking patterns). Confusing this pattern can cause havoc for your sleep. Plus X architecture features floor to ceiling windows throughout the entire space, so our members can sync with the day, night and the seasons.



Plants at PlusX Brighton. Captured by Jim Stephenson 2020


Our on-site menu will be balanced, sustainable, locally sourced, nutritional and most importantly – delicious.

The ground floor café at Plus X Brighton has this covered and offers a personal re-charging spot and meeting place for members and non members alike. We have collaborated with local experts in tea blending, Bird & Blend Tea Co to create ProductiviTEA, a Plus X customised beverage to ignite your  energy levels.. With Yerba Mate to energise, lemon balm to destress and ginger and rosehip for immunity and digestion, this tea provides deep nourishment.

And honestly, what would a comprehensive wellness programme be without fitness options? Yoga is available every Monday morning and Friday afternoon and bike hire is also available.  

Sounding too good to be true? We invite you to come and try the Plus X wellness formula for yourself. Click the “book a visit” link at the top of the page to book a tour and trial day. 




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